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Whamisa- Organic Fruits & Tomato Hydrogel Mask


he Whamisa Organic Fruits & Tomato Fermented hydrogel mask is soaked in skin-plumping botanical serum to drench your face in ultra hydration and nutrition for instantly glowing, clear skin. For all skin types.

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Organic Fruits & Tomato Hydrogel Mask

95.00% organic ingredients. Lifts, Revitalises and Tones

This treatment holds the key to nurtured, hydrated and clearer skin. Includes apple, kiwi, banana and tomatoes for clear and radiant complexion. Hazel seed oil balances sebum and tightens pores. Instantly visible results. Ingredients are fermented with our signature process to preserve their natural benefits and maximise effectiveness.

Suitable for all skin types.

Cruelty free – No animal testing.

How to apply

Thoroughly cleanse and tone before applying mask. The mask comes in two parts (top and bottom) for a better fit.  Apply for 20 minutes before removing. Follow with moisturiser. No need to rinse with water.

Use regularly 2-3 times a week or over 4 weeks as an intensive course.

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